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Chroma™ – Cartridge

You want the best. And you want it straight up. That’s exactly what you get with Chroma™. It’s the most potent, consistent and refined vape oil there is. With pharmaceutical grade extraction technology and zero additives or cutting agents, nothing gets in the way of its uncompromising flavor and potency. When you’re all in, you want Chroma purity. Available in convenient iHit™ disposables, environmentally friendly refillable cartridges and easy to use refill syringes.


Bud is a colloquial word with many meanings. To some, it is a term of endearment used with familiarity and warmth when referring to a close friend, or buddy. In this case, you can never have too many buds. It can also refer to the birth of an idea, concept, or sometimes even a dilemma as the phrase “nip it in the bud” is typically used. In terms of botany and horticulture, the word bud means new life and describes an unopened flower bloom. Like an embryo is to the human, the bud is still undeveloped, in the stage before fruit or flower. The term “budding” represents birth, bloom, and the beginning of something beautiful. The produce reaped from the cannabis plant has also been referred to as “bud” for years as it is the part of the plant most popularly harvested for comsumption. Just like buddies, you can never have to many of these buds either. While the leaves do contain THC, the bud is the organ of the plant that contains the highest concentration of THC, CBD and CBN.

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