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Eadibles and other cannabis products, If you can imagine it, there’s probably a cannabis edible version of it

The cannabis plant is the only plant of infamy that has the ability to heal nations and bring worlds together. Yet for some reason there is a government war against it. Unfortunately, human nature cannot exist without both light and darkness. While the cannabis plant is the epitome of light, the darkness of human nature will always corrupt it, as we have with everything on this planet. Though this darkness is inescapable, love and purity still prevails. Every recorded prophetic prediction calls for a time of great injustice and excessive imprisonment and proclaims that a plant will set them free. The kings of men gather their forces against this quietly concurring plant and yet still cannabis grows as if the earth demands it. The smells and angelic hues of the bud plant are sure to amaze and when smoked, the effects of this utopian fruit will put you in your own peaceful paradise.

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